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We are using interesting techniques to generate RF energy for CO2 lasers. We managed to pack lots of RF power in a small form factor – similar to a shoe box, making it a proper for most machines that use CO2 lasers. As you scroll the page, you will find more about this product.

Up to 6.5 kW of RF power

Picture: Franz Helmreich

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Is your RFPA η good enough?

Type Designation


Part Number

1 2 3

Frequency (MHz)

81.36 MHz

RF Power (W)

3000W or 6500 W peak

RF Connector

N-Type Connector 50 Ω | 7/16 DIN Connector 50 Ω

DC Input (Vdc)

48.0 V or 62.0 V

Load Impedance (Ω)

50 Ω or CO2 Laser

Operation Mode

Pulsed or Continuous Wave (CW)

Pulsing Frequency (kHz)

0.1 kHz to 100 kHz

Pulsing Duty-Cycle (%)

1% to 100%


D'Sub Connector 25 Pins

Front Panel

DC + | DC- | D'Sub 25 | 6 Indication LEDs | Type Shield | Water Cooling In/Out

Efficiency η

1 2 3